Advice to Investors

Advice to Investors

As a full service realty group, we specialize in the acquisition and selling of industrial, commercial and retail properties. Our team will do all the legwork necessary to acquire the right property for your investment. Our network of professionals is in place every step of the way, highly committed individuals we trust to deliver the results you expect from a world-class business relationship.

By doing our “due diligence” throughout every phase of the process, we have proven time and again that Euromart is exactly the team of advisors you need when making international real estate investments.

We make a point to first understand what you want and then we will do everything in our power to make sure you get it. We take care of everything, from researching available properties and visiting them on your behalf to providing you with legal and accounting representation once you decide to invest.

Thorough and precise, our process includes:

  • Determining the financial scope of the investment
  • Researching prospective commercial, industrial and residential properties
  • Performing in-person visits to prospective properties on investor’s behalf
  • Preparing a recommendation for purchase to investor, based on market and comparative analysis (using CAP rate studies)
  • Preparing a “Letter of Intent” for Vendor once investor agrees to purchase
  • Negotiating final purchase of property, with all Canadian and international legal documents in place
  • Finalizing the purchase, once accepted by Vendor
  • Managing the day-to-day business affairs of the property on the investor’s behalf