Asset Management

Asset Management

With most of our clients overseas, Euromart also assumes responsibility for management of assets on our clients’ behalf. We oversee all business transactions on the properties and rely on a network of legal and accounting professionals to ensure that our clients receive current and accurate reporting on
a regular basis.

We are in constant contact with site managers and are your best representatives when important decisions need to be made. While no decision will be made without your approval, our extensive experience allows us to make informed suggestions and decisions when needed. We will ensure that all financial obligations related to the asset, such as utilities and taxes, are processed and paid to the appropriate parties, on time.

With the Euromart team working for you, know with confidence that your investments in Canada are being managed efficiently and with great attention to detail.

Our services include:

  • Sourcing tax and accounting advice
  • Set-up your Canadian corporate structure
  • Provide annual budgets and regular reporting
  • Provide yearend financial statements and tax returns
  • Report to the various government agencies
  • Close contact with property management
  • Provide investment advice on properties