Strategic Advantage


For many international clients, it is a great comfort to them that our team can speak and write in their language. Not only does it facilitate communication and avoid misunderstanding, but it also builds familiarity and trust. For a great many of our European investors, our ability to communicate in German, and Swiss German is a great advantage to them.We communicate and conduct business with investors all over the world. Our global market capabilities have provided advisory services to investors from the Middle East and Asia, as well as those in Europe.

With offices in Toronto, Quebec City, Madrid, Hamburg and Geneva, we are poised to capitalize on the many opportunities and relationships in a global environment.

We will always advise in the best interests of you, our client, and we return the respect and trust of our investors by adhering to strict practices of confidentiality.

That is our strategic advantage.

The Euromart strategic advantage

  • We act as an advisor to you, meaning your interests are our interests
  • We will cast a wide net and explore every possible opportunity, big or small
  • We operate within a strict code of confidentiality – your privacy is paramount
  • Strong relationships with our vendors means frequent access to them and their sites